About me

Hi there! 👋

My name is Amar Garčević. I am a Web Developer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina!

I started my IT career when I was 10 years old. My attention was drawn to Web Development. I made my first steps in Web Development through Youtube tutorials. I was learning and day by day I was more and more satisfied with my successes in learning about Web Development.

Not long after that, I started researching about Graphic design. I learned some basics about colors and design history. After that, I started practicing, designing social media post images and etc. 

I decided to enroll in ITAcademy, a school for a profitable IT career. I completed the Frontend JavaScript Development course. I got a certificate from ITAcademy for completed course. A few days after, I decided to apply for a W3Schools certificate. I passed the exam and got the certificate!

I won first place at the state competition in robotics, with the project “Donate food, don’t throw it away!”.

We came up with the idea of ​​this project because we see poor people digging in containers looking for food every day, we see many poor people who have nothing to eat, therefore, a large number of migrants appeared who we often see on the streets begging for food.

To implement this policy of ours, all levels of government should be involved, from local to national. It is necessary to change the laws that would encourage the proper distribution of food and protect the environment from unnecessary food waste.

After successfully completed one-year Frontend JavaScript Development Course, I enrolled in PHP Web Development.

Thanks to the DL platform, specially designed by top experts and based on years of educational practice, research and experience, I am resolving all assignments and tasks without fear and difficulties.

I completed an internship at ITAcademy, where I used the acquired knowledge in the JavaScript programming language with two more students. Through JavaScript, we have implemented on the site the number of visits from all countries, pop-ups, sliders, animations, effects and transitions. 

I was given the opportunity to design billboards and posts for LINK group’s educational institutions for social media using Adobe Photoshop as Intern. 

As part of my schooling, I had the opportunity to participate in ITAcademy Design Studio projects. Design Studio is a place where in a very short time you can gain great experience in the field of development, and get recommendations from companies and connect with clients with whom you can continue to cooperate in the future. I have participated in several Design Studio projects.


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